web based auditing systems

If you have a team of auditors spread over a wide geographical area, it makes sense for them to record their data to a central database, remotely, via the web.

Audits often record inter-related data, requiring a flexible database design that allows for future modification and expansion, and reports that draw meaningful conclusions from the raw data.

Reports can take the form of flexible, comprehensive graphs, pdf downloads, or csv exports for importing to Excel.

Case Study : Schools recycling audit software

Devon County Council started auditing the recycling and composting activity of all schools within the county several years ago. All data was written down, sent to a central office, and then entered into an Access database.

This was an inefficient process, and so an alternative was sought. Because the auditors are located at various places around the county, and are employed on a part time basis, it made sense to create a web based system that could be accessed from anywhere, at any time.

The solution that we provided consists of an audit appointment diary, recording a wide range of data relating to current recycling and composting activity, and volume of waste sent to landfill. Workshops can also be created and scheduled within the system, recording attending team members, pupil and teacher numbers, outcomes and responses.

A variety of reports give an overview of current activity and progress or otherwise, for a particular school, or all schools within a given district, over user-defined time frames.

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