web applications

The term 'web application' covers most interactive websites that we encounter daily. Any website that draws content from a database, that you submit information to, that you interact with, could be classified as a web application.

Online banking, shopping carts, blogging software, booking systems, all fall within the general classification of data tools which use a web browser as their interface.

I have built a number of these systems to suit a variety of purposes, from a small B&B needing to manage a simple availability calendar, to a large care worker agency needing an extensively customised appointment diary to administer their business.

Because the application is installed on a central server, any machine with a browser installed can access it, provided any required security criteria are met of course.

The main advantage of this arrangement is that installation takes place only on one machine, with any updates to the application needing to be made just the once. The benefits are obvious, especially to an organisation running many computers.

"Working with Anthony we were able to work on the Hofnote website and produce a groundbreaking solution. The ease of use of the Hofnote website masks a very complex piece of coding far beyond the capabilities of an average coder/developer. Working with Anthony is a real pleasure and we consider him a valuable member of our team."
Ron Cox - Managing Director,
Websight Ltd