business management software

Defining business management software succinctly is as difficult as describing the average business. You could say that it is software that encapsulates a business' core activity, enabling that business to be administered more efficiently.

Every business will have slightly different administrative needs, processes that need streamlining. You might need bespoke reservation software, auditing systems, or stock control and order fulfilment software to hook up to your shopping cart.

Maybe you need to manage a short-term skills improvement exercise, with progress reporting, or maybe your customers would appreciate a comprehensive, privately accessed quoting tool.

Whatever your needs, it is doubtful that all of them would be met by a one-size-fits-all piece of software. A carefully planned web-based system can deliver a flexible solution that will grow with your business.

Case Study : Direct Save Solar appointment and survey software

Direct Save Solar needed a system to manage their retail appointment and surveying processes. Teams of canvassers, located in a number of areas around the country, generate appointments for qualified surveyors to visit properties and assess their suitability for solar pv installation.

All information relating to appointments and surveys is entered locally, with the overall order and installation process being managed centrally.

A web-based solution was the logical choice, giving all parties the ability to access the system from any place, at any time. The first phase of development records all information relating to appointments and surveys, exporting it as a csv file which can then be imported to pre-existing sales and order fulfilment software.

Future development will require reporting processes and further integration with existing systems.

"Thanks to Anthony the unseen backend operations of our various domains work efficiently and reliably. When we launched our latest venture, directsave solar, we needed a bespoke portal so that our surveyors and sales team could remotely upload complex surveys, generate quotations and monitor progress of each sale. Anthonyís expertise ensured that this was delivered on time and within budget. ."
Chris Charles, General Manager, Utilities UK Ltd