appointment diary software

If you simply need to maintain a straightforward appointment diary for yourself, or a couple of staff, why wouldn't you just use Outlook, or some off-the-shelf appointment software ? My honest answer would be that either would probably suffice.

However, if your appointments need to be integrated into other business processes, the scenario becomes more complicated, and a bespoke solution might be required.

Case Study : Care worker agency software

A Taunton-based business came to me needing a web-based replacement for their creaking desktop application.

They needed a system to manage their two dozen full time and part time agency carers servicing several dozen carehomes and hospitals throughout the area.

The carers needed to be booked into the appointment diary against a particular client. Different carers were paid, and charged at, different hourly rates depending on their qualifications, and whether they were working a weekday or weekend, day or night.

The system needed to remember how many miles carer X travelled when visiting client Y, so that the information would need to be entered only once, and petrol allowance could be calculated automatically.

The system took all this raw data and produced weekly wage slips, invoices and holiday pay allowances. It also recorded payments received, and created monthly invoice reports detailing outstanding balances.